Hotline exchange service

In the case of operator error or malfunction, the pressure systems, depending on the technology to set very quickly and easily spot in state. We also provide a telephone the hotline available. This can provide assistance during business hours.

To ensure a cost-clamp system availability, replacement parts will be sent shortly by a parcel service. As the exchange can be done very quickly usually the cost is limited.


Inhouse service

Larger or very expensive repairs are carried out by highly trained specialists. Depending on the device type and application is a replacement system available for the period of repair or gestellt.Größere very expensive repairs are performed by highly trained specialists. Depending on the type of device and application system, a replacement will be provided for the duration of repairs.


On-site service

For custom questions and technical advice, as well as site Ingenieurbuero Proestler the engineering firm working with experienced specialists who can take over the on-site service depending on the application.

Business hours:

Mo-Th: 8 am to 5 pm, Fr: 8 am to 2 pm
Phone: +49 9365 89235
Fax: +49 9365 89245